The Egg Drop.
Any of you done this project before? It's part 1 of my summative. Any suggestions? We have to have 3 eggs dropped from 75m (all 3 eggs at once, in the same container), 3 times in total. We'll have a couple seconds to reapply tape or whatever inbetween. I should be able to get all 3 eggs out of the box within 20 seconds. The goal is to have all 3 eggs still intact (no cracks, no chips breaking off, etc).

Here are some rules:
Length, width, and height all have to be 25cm or less.
You can make it as heavy as you want, but the 2 lowest weights get extra marks.
You can't have things on the outside of the box to slow the descent (Ex. Wings, parachute).
No fluids can be in the container.
Each egg has to be in a ziplock bag.

I think those are the basic rules.
Here's a better explanation:
What course is this for? Google it. Labs are repetitive, and you will likely find a version of it online.
Physics, and I did, but I thought I'd post here too.
I'm not gonna bother with this. It seems time consuming.
My idea so far (Haven't had a chance to make it yet, or to test it):

Place the 3 eggs in 3 small ziplock bags, and place all 3 small bags in one big one. Fill the big ziplock bag with cereal (one with puffballs or something). Place the ziplock bag in one of 2 containers I've found so far (one is a box, one is a flexible zipped cylinder bag) and fill up the rest of the container with bubblewrap/foam. I've got to make sure the eggs are tight though, so I'm not 100% sure on that part yet.

Or I might keep all 3 eggs in separate ziplocks, because now that I think of it, they'll probably hit each other and break if they're in the same one.
wrap the three in bubble wrap so they wont hit each other?
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(04-17-2013, 05:16 PM)Typhlosion link Wrote:wrap the three in bubble wrap so they wont hit each other?

I might try that. But they have to be easily accessible. I'll loose marks if I can't get all 3 out of the container and show them to my teacher within 20 seconds.
I wanna know this. How are you gonna drop them from 75m? Climbing some tall building?

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