Common Trading Terms Used.
FT = For trade.
NFT = Not for trade.
FS = For sale.
NFS = Not for sale.
Check (me) = View the player's RPG profile and check what Pokemon you want from their account.
LF = Looking for.
HTG = Hard to get.
AFT = All for trade.
Upgrade = Trading more Pokemon for less Pokemon. Ex. 2 cheaper Pokemon for one expensive Pokemon.
Downgrade = Trading less Pokemon for more Pokemon. Ex. 1 expensive Pokemon for 2 cheaper Pokemon.
UFT = Up for trade.
CAT = Create a trade.
NTY = No thank you.
Base = Refers to the level of a Pokemon. A Pokemon at base is at the same level that it was released at (so it hasn't been trained).
IG = In game. (Refers to a Pokemons rarity)
B/O = Best offer. Members leave offers on a Pokemon and the best one is mentioned in the first post of the thread. In a real B/O, after a set amount of time, the thread owner accepts the current B/O.
HTT = Hard to trade.
ETT = Easy to trade.
NG = New gold. (Refers to newly released Golden Pokemon)
U = Ungendered/(?)
G = Genderless.
M/F = Male/Female.
UG = Ungoldenzied (a Pokemon that doesn't have a Golden version released).
UL = Underleveled (a Pokemon whose level is lower than usual).
MAP = Pokemon captured via the maps are known as "maps."
UNOB(s) = Unobtainable. A pokemon that is unobtainable in the current version of the RPG. Eg; GoldenJirachi is an "unob". You can only get "unobs" through Trading/Buying.


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