wow, this is so sad.  such a simple contest took so long because of nubs that are greedy :/
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I'll send him a pm, give him a warning and if he still doesn't send anything I think a ban may be needed. He has had long enough to get something for this.

Edit: Who sent flash a gift? It would be easier if I knew so I could see whether or not he accepted.
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Long enough he's avoided secret Santa conpletely

He always could give something but I'd be scared if he did give something cuz it could be like 1 shiny
I will get that Kyogre (?) someday it's all just a matter of time untill then ... a lot of time untill then ...
Problem solved, although idk why flash sent the gift to me...Riphh created.

So that's all of it. Big Grin
Dang, Heaven's SS is inactive..-.- But I sent you a gift heaven so it's fine. Big Grin
Oh just to get myself out of trouble the one I am supposed to give a gift too hasn't still come one.
[img width=240 height=100][/img]
Who you supposed to give a gift to?
ID 59 :3
[img width=240 height=100][/img]
Just wait for that person I guess, I wish inactive players didn't join..makes everything much easier.
I sent mine to sedin - (cant remember if thats his/her actual name lol) and received one from heaven

But sedin has been inactive so he/shehasnt accepted yer
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