So my faith in PV has been destroyed. I will not hold another SS and I'm pretty sure others won't either due to some people just not giving their presents. I've said this in the contest, it's about giving. Just because you didn't get anything doesn't mean that you don't give anything. That itself tells me you just came to get the free stuff. Anyways, for those WHO GAVE SOMETHING AND DIDN'T RECEIVE ANYTHING, PLEASE POST HERE.

Apart from that, I thank everyone who gave their presents and applaud those who gave even without receiving.

erm can i  join?; &lt;&lt; Official Trade Thread<br /><br />[img width=330 height=100][/img]
I'd like to join too. :)
(12-27-2012, 11:46 AM)Heaven link Wrote:I'd like to join too. :)
high 5; &lt;&lt; Official Trade Thread<br /><br />[img width=330 height=100][/img]
High 5 back.
yay Big Grin; &lt;&lt; Official Trade Thread<br /><br />[img width=330 height=100][/img]
I'll join.
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I'll join too if possible. I actually wanted to join the first one but was too late.
And don't worry man, its not your fault.
I see you :p<br />and this is getting very funny now XD
I'll give up my other ghound and gcharm to those who didn't get anything.
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Not everyone can just "join". This is a continuation of the other SS. For those who didn't recieve anything and gave something can post and will participate. Not everyone..

firefoot, it's very much appreciated. I'll let you know if it's needed.

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