*Traders* E2

I'm thinking about doing a second edition
What is your trading strategy?

Jamezilla: lmao
um well for me it is go with your gut instincts. the older the generation the better and if it has a special color, low in game and messed up from the norm ie. gender, base level then it is worth it.

Poptart88: I honestly don’t know, I guess you gotta get lucky with the special promos and then your suddenly rich, but downgrade fast and don’t get desperate
Actually the downgrade is optional depending on preference

DsQs x Gunz: My trading strategy?
Go for things that are liked and pay bare minimum, find out what that trader wants and use that to your advantage. Trade things for your rates no one else’s, people will pay if they want it that bad. And don’t be scared to hold onto Pokemon, it’s very rare they will lower it price!
But I got most of my crap from betting so I can’t say nothing really

Cocobanana: Do trades through pms not in public so Noone can say that trade isn't fair!

Misterpokemon: uhh I still don't think im active enough to warrant giving advice

partylikeafish: Before trading, i always compare rarities and types and how old things are. And i like to check what other people offer for things to get an idea if im getting lowballed or not. After considering all of that, i go with my gut and i trade for pokes that i like. Trading for pokes you like always>getting a “wealthier deal”
Always want more g magikarps

GDeoxys: Get something rare when it's brand new and hold onto it for 7 years
Easy get rich strat

Zarquad: Buy low sell high

Emorox: A lot of people get so caught up with how much a pokemon is worth that they lose perspective. They simply forget the fact that this is just a game. Have fun. Enjoy yourselves.

Jamezilla, DsQs x Gunz, and partylikeafish gave the most detailed advice. If you want some trading wisdom, pm them on the RPG, their IDs are 49, 25942, and 9199. Everyone, good luck trading!
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make an x system thread
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make a thread on why x system sucks now

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(03-28-2019, 04:22 PM)PVLIVED Wrote:  make an x system thread

But that's Jamezilla's job, I'm just a reporter  Tongue Maybe after I learn some stats.

(03-30-2019, 10:57 AM)Genisis Wrote:  make a thread on why x system sucks now

If only I knew some trading experts  Huh Maybe in a few months.
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Jamez rating system was the best.
I RUN PV. -burning poo 

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(03-31-2019, 12:09 AM)PVLIVED Wrote:  Jamez rating system was the best.

Which one?

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