A Worthwhile Contest
TheZanker's Contest

1. General Contest Rules:
          1. You may collaborate with other users...that's if you really want to do it
          2. You may message me your guesses via discord pm’s.
          3. No spam posting/guessing

2. Contest Prompt:

2.1 - Pokemon Names:
            1. When I go to the beach I make these all the time!
            2. I have the skill dual wield these weapons
            3. When will I ever wake up?
            4. I am old and rusty but I am able to make sure you don't drift away and steer you in the right direction 
            5. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm?!
            6. Without these I probably would not be able to get into my house and car
            7. If you look under the rag you will probably drop dead. I also resemble a certain pokemon
2.2 - Pokemon Anime/Movie Characters       
            1. My pals are Plusle and Minun
            2. I had a Pikachu as my pal as well and he is always with me on my shoulder
            3. They don't say my name correctly even though I clearly say it every time
            4. When I battle you will find that my battleground looks like a venue for a concert
            5. I lost to Ash in the Silver Conference 
            6. I tried to be Batman but I ended up being...?
            7. I hunt pokemon for living illegally

3. Prizes
First person that guesses everything correct above will receive all of these below:

GoldenBidoof ♂ (Level: 5)
GoldenCharmander ♂ (Level: 4)
GoldenDuskull ♂ (Level: 5)
GoldenDuskull ♀ (Level: 5)
GoldenGolett  (Level: 5)
GoldenHo-Oh  (Level: 4)
GoldenHo-Oh  (Level: 5)
GoldenHoundoom ♂ (Level: 914)
GoldenHoundour ♂ (Level: 5)
GoldenHoundour ♂ (Level: 5)
GoldenKabuto ♂ (Level: 5)
GoldenKabuto ♂ (Level: 5)
GoldenMagikarp ♂ (Level: 1600)
GoldenMew  (Level: 61)
GoldenMewtwo  (Level: 78)
GoldenRalts ♂ (Level: 5)
GoldenSpinarak ♀ (Level: 5)
GoldenSpinarak ♂ (Level: 5)

3. FAQ

1. How many times can I guess through private message via discord?

A: As many times till you get all correct but do not spam it otherwise I will not know which is your current guess. Preferably wait until you get the results back

Best to you,
Dmd you on Discord not sure about some of em but whatevs thanks for the contest bud !

Caretaker of Giratina/AquaLugia Heart

Discord DM Guesses Results (Updated 10:12AM PST):

1. Misterpokemon
2.1: 7 out 7 correct

2.2: 7 out of 7 correct

2. Genisis
2.1: 7 out of 7 correct

2.2: 2 out of 7 correct

3. Silent Asian
2.1: 7 out of 7 correct

2.2: 4 out of 7 correct
Pokemon Voyage IDs: 4 and 18
Wonder what I got wrong lol 0 out of 0
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We got a winner! It  is Misterpokemon!

Post or DM me your trainer ID where you want the pokemon to sent.

These are the answers:

2.1 - Pokemon Names
  1. Palossand
  2. Doublade
  3. Komala
  4. Dhelmise
  5. Unown
  6. Klefki
  7. Mimikyu
 2.2 - Pokemon Characters
   1. Tory
   2. Ritchie
   3. Butch
   4. Roxie
   5. Salvador
   6. Gligarman
   7. J or Hunter J 
Pokemon Voyage IDs: 4 and 18
Congratulations! Please post the answers
A wise man can see more from the bottom of a well than a fool can from a mountain top.
Congrats awesome contest

Caretaker of Giratina/AquaLugia Heart

Thanks for the contest (y)
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