I’m back, we’re back. The energy of pv has been found yet again
Last night we found that many of us were back on discord talking and returning to pv. But why hear my lame changed words when you can see the actual words I’ve been quoting from certain returning people that we recognize....

Cardboard Ozzy (King_Gotchen) yesterday at 8:23pm
I’ve settled it
I’m getting back into pv

The rest was him coming up with ideas on what to do now that he’s returning, yay for Gotchen lol.

We also had some fun little competition going on yesterday night. There was some chess matches between cocobanana and 99999, and might I say the quotes I got were hilarious
I got an even better one I’m seeing as I’m writing this

99999 today (happening currently)
@HMMMMM do you want to vs me in chess
You can't be as bad as coco

I don’t know how to play

Lolololololololol anyway there were also super smash matches between Gotchen and cocobanana, and they tied in terms of winning matches.

We also can’t forget that all of us, including others such as LuminousMoss and Emorox, were reminiscing the past about my uh... not so smart past self lol, good times when I was clueless and annoying, but yeah.

Coco seems to have hope for kakashi coming back.

That’s all for this week’s newspaper, see ya later pv
I look for things that are very different from my life, and that are curious and idiosyncratic to me. And then, I like to find if I'm able, just a little bit, to step into a world that I know very little about. That's great fun.

-James Spader

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