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Discord contest - Poptart88 - 10-08-2018

Hmm this contest I made seems kind of unique

It’s a bingo contest
I’ll get straight to the details

We have 10 cards, so 10 players, and each card will be assigned as goes, so player 1 gets 1st card
All 10 cards have been re arranged to be different obviously

I will use a bingo caller generator that will randomly select each name

The cards have 15 Pokémon names and 1 free space, all have the same 15 names, but in different orders

Here are the main rules:
-There is no way to rig it, the generator randomly selects it

-I have photo copied each card and it’s listed from 1-10 so I know that no one cheats

-You MUST have a discord account to participate because I will call out the numbers on there myself at a certain time

-There is NO letter and section: (Example: B I N G O= B-1, we won’t have that it’s just names)

-Only 1 round because it’ll take forever if we have different winners each round, however the game will continue after a 1st winner until there is a 2nd, and 3rd place winner

I think that’s it, so there are 10 slots available, when the sign up time is over I will Dm you on discord your card, and I will post the time I will call out cards later on, not now

Sign ups end October 15th, so make sure to sign up, 10 slots available, and remember you MUST have a discord account

Don’t think I forgot the prizes, also I’m not rich so... yeah
1st place: G absol
2nd Place: g Lapras
3rd place: G duskull + shiny lucario 1000

Last thing: yes I am aware how much I’m losing, I have gotten some messages saying not to contest all this off and stuff, but to be honest it’s an endless cycle of trading to me so I honestly don’t really care about losing stuff, I just wanna have fun, and this is fun for me

List of participants (10 slots available):
1. DsQs
2. Emorox
3. Kibei
4. Genisis
5. Zarquad
6. DiamondBlade
7. Supernova

RE: Discord contest - DsQs x GunZ - 10-08-2018

How do I sign up?

RE: Discord contest - emorox - 10-08-2018

I am intrigued please tell me more.

RE: Discord contest - Poptart88 - 10-08-2018

(10-08-2018, 04:35 PM)DsQs x GunZ Wrote:  How do I sign up?

Ya just did, all you have to do is let me know on here

(10-08-2018, 05:55 PM)emorox Wrote:  I am intrigued please tell me more.

What more would you want to know?

RE: Discord contest - emorox - 10-08-2018


RE: Discord contest - Poptart88 - 10-08-2018

You’ve been signed up

RE: Discord contest - Kibei - 10-08-2018

to save you some time, just send prizes to 102 - you're welcome

RE: Discord contest - Poptart88 - 10-08-2018

Any comment on here gets signed up so... I’m assuming either way you want to. You’ve been entered

I’ve sent “no Pokémon” to your account

RE: Discord contest - Genisis - 10-09-2018

This sounds fun

RE: Discord contest - Poptart88 - 10-09-2018

Yep now you’ve been forced into the black hole of participating
Good luck and moreover make sure to Be tense and not talk to other participants have fun