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Hostage, the Bunny’s Hostage: T&LL Debonair #3 - Thea - 04-29-2018

Hostage is one of the original members. As a proud bunny owner, Discord is occasionally treated to images of her beloved bunny, and there are speculations of her being held hostage by the aforementioned hare. Her artwork also happens to be noteworthy. Here’s 17 Q&A’s!

T: When did you join PV?
H: 2013 I think?

T: Which golden event was your favorite?
H: never really did golden events

T: Which staff member of all time was the best?
H: Aurora (sorry, Kakashi)

T: What is your favorite Pokémon?
H: Shaymin

T: Any old members you’d like to see return?
H: was never really close with a lot of the old members so I can't really say

T: What is your favorite PV “type?”
H: Shiny

T: What kind of bunny do you have?
H: Dwarf Hotot

T: What’s her name?
H: Twitch

T: Which Pokémon is overrated?
H: most legends imo

T: Which Pokémon is underrated?
H: Piplup and evos, (Eelektross is a close option as well)

T: What’s your favorite color?
H: Pink

T: What’s your major(s)?
H: Civil engineering with environmental/water resources specialty

T: What’s the highest level you’ve trained on PV?
H: almost 400 lol

T: What’s your favorite art style?
H: watercolor-y styles

T: Which Pokémon game introduced you to the world of Pokémon?
H: silver/gold

T: When will you return to trading?
H: i'll trade once a year

T: What song should be the PV theme song?
H: i really can't think of a song suitable for Voyage cause it's in its own league I guess