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Contest for GOLDS - Poptart88 - 04-22-2018

It’s a game contest:
There are roles, and depending on factors it’ll decide who wins and stuff
Team shadow attacker
Team shadow attacker 2
Team shadow boss
Mayor bodyguard
Mayor bodyguard 2

Sign up for these roles (basically entering the contest for GOLDS!!!)

Storyline will start when roles are filled or at least most

Prizes: (for motivation)
Golden lotad
Golden phantump
Shiny lapras
Shiny magikarp
Shiny magikarp

RE: Contest for GOLDS - emorox - 04-23-2018

Sign me up my dude. Assign me any role you think best suits me.

RE: Contest for GOLDS - Poptart88 - 04-23-2018

You are the mayor

Basically the factors come from number guessing
For example: the mayor will either survive or die depending on who picks the closest number
If my number is 8 and the mayor says 7 and killer says 20, the mayor survives, and killer is arrested

RE: Contest for GOLDS - Supernova - 04-23-2018

I'll sign up

RE: Contest for GOLDS - Poptart88 - 04-23-2018

Great, you can be team shadow boss