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Training Challenge #8! - GDeoxys - 03-12-2019

Sign up for Pokemon Voyage's latest training challenge!


RE: Training Challenge #8! - GDeoxys - 03-21-2019

Annnnnd begin! The Training Challenge is starting a few hours early, but will finish at the original time. Good luck to all participants!

(03-21-2019, 04:35 PM)GDeoxys Wrote:  A few hours early, but you may begin training your Pokemon!

You may have noticed that your party has been sent to your box. This is to guarantee that no one tries to ExpShare their ShinySawk. Please place your ShinySawk in slot one, while having the other 5 slots empty for the duration of the event. Thank you and good luck!

Also, to make things a bit more interesting, second place will also now receive a Regirock (?) (Level: 125)!

RE: Training Challenge #8! - Ghost - 03-22-2019

Good luck to all participants!
If you have any questions/concerns please don't hesitate to contact us through here or discord.

RE: Training Challenge #8! - Ghost - 03-25-2019

First place:

emorox with level 1760
Prize: Regirock (?) (Level: 125), Shiny & Dark Magby ♂/♀ (Level: 4)

Second Place:
Misterpokemon with level 1489
Prize: Regirock (?) (Level: 125), Shiny & Dark Magby ♂/♀ (Level: 4)

Third Place:
partylikeafish with level 1481
Prize: Shiny & Dark Magby ♂/♀ (Level: 4)

Well done!