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Full Version: Discord contest
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Hmm this contest I made seems kind of unique

It’s a bingo contest
I’ll get straight to the details

We have 10 cards, so 10 players, and each card will be assigned as goes, so player 1 gets 1st card
All 10 cards have been re arranged to be different obviously

I will use a bingo caller generator that will randomly select each name

The cards have 15 Pokémon names and 1 free space, all have the same 15 names, but in different orders

Here are the main rules:
-There is no way to rig it, the generator randomly selects it

-I have photo copied each card and it’s listed from 1-10 so I know that no one cheats

-You MUST have a discord account to participate because I will call out the numbers on there myself at a certain time

-There is NO letter and section: (Example: B I N G O= B-1, we won’t have that it’s just names)

-Only 1 round because it’ll take forever if we have different winners each round, however the game will continue after a 1st winner until there is a 2nd, and 3rd place winner

I think that’s it, so there are 10 slots available, when the sign up time is over I will Dm you on discord your card, and I will post the time I will call out cards later on, not now

Sign ups end October 15th, so make sure to sign up, 10 slots available, and remember you MUST have a discord account

Don’t think I forgot the prizes, also I’m not rich so... yeah
1st place: G absol
2nd Place: g Lapras
3rd place: G duskull + shiny lucario 1000

Last thing: yes I am aware how much I’m losing, I have gotten some messages saying not to contest all this off and stuff, but to be honest it’s an endless cycle of trading to me so I honestly don’t really care about losing stuff, I just wanna have fun, and this is fun for me

List of participants (10 slots available):
1. DsQs
2. Emorox
3. Kibei
4. Genisis
5. Zarquad
6. DiamondBlade
7. Supernova
How do I sign up?
I am intrigued please tell me more.
(10-08-2018, 04:35 PM)DsQs x GunZ Wrote: [ -> ]How do I sign up?

Ya just did, all you have to do is let me know on here

(10-08-2018, 05:55 PM)emorox Wrote: [ -> ]I am intrigued please tell me more.

What more would you want to know?
You’ve been signed up
to save you some time, just send prizes to 102 - you're welcome
Any comment on here gets signed up so... I’m assuming either way you want to. You’ve been entered

I’ve sent “no Pokémon” to your account
This sounds fun
Yep now you’ve been forced into the black hole of participating
Good luck and moreover make sure to Be tense and not talk to other participants have fun
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