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Full Version: Just One Simple Question...(Finished)
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There are 95 people in a quick game of battle royale. Who will win? The first to figure out who wins the battle royale game gets a...

Prize from TheZanker:
GoldenAbsol M Level: 5 
GoldenCharmander M Level: 4
AquaNincada (?) (Level: 5)

Prize from GDeoxys:
DarkArticuno (Level: 332)

Happy guessing!

[Current Status: Done ]
Hint 1: Easiest way to figure it out is think outside the box... ;)
Hint 2: Anything not gameplay related could be key to the answer... possibly?
Hint 3: The player number is just there
Hint 4: If you think hard enough about each word in the scenario you may or may not find the answer.
Hint 5: The answer is two words
Hint 6: Play around with the words. Mix, match, and break them apart...etc
I have no idea what that means, just a couple hunches
John wick
The last person alive/person who shoots only other player alive
The noob that sits in a bush until the end of the game
The person with the best luck/aim
The last person alive ofc
None of answers are correct above
The person at the edge of the storm who avoids fights and hides at all costs?
TheZanker will win (done)
The one who can build stairs out of the box
Sadly to say that none of these are correct.
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