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Full Version: Contest for GOLDS
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It’s a game contest:
There are roles, and depending on factors it’ll decide who wins and stuff
Team shadow attacker
Team shadow attacker 2
Team shadow boss
Mayor bodyguard
Mayor bodyguard 2

Sign up for these roles (basically entering the contest for GOLDS!!!)

Storyline will start when roles are filled or at least most

Prizes: (for motivation)
Golden lotad
Golden phantump
Shiny lapras
Shiny magikarp
Shiny magikarp
Sign me up my dude. Assign me any role you think best suits me.
You are the mayor

Basically the factors come from number guessing
For example: the mayor will either survive or die depending on who picks the closest number
If my number is 8 and the mayor says 7 and killer says 20, the mayor survives, and killer is arrested
I'll sign up
Great, you can be team shadow boss