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Post and I’ll send something this Saturday. Might be money, might be pixels. Let’s go, dogs!!
Edit: new title. Happy Lunar New Year!
Why do cows have hooves?

Cos they lactose (lack toes)

Bud dum tssss
So my English teacher is teaching us clauses this week and had a cheesy joke.... what’s the difference between a clause and a cat?
One has clause at the end (of their toes) and one has a clause at the beginning of a sentence!
We all sat there, “laughing”
I used to be so jealous of my Chinese friends when I was younger, they always used to get hundreds of dollars every Chinese New Year.
Like seriously what is a 10 yr old doing walking around with hundreds of dollars in cash, what they going to spend it on?
4/6 slots. Looks like I am capping my generosity. 1x Ekans U, 1 mill, 1/2 mill, 1/2 mill, Ekans F, and D. Ponyta will be given away randomly.
Yay !!
I'm on spambot mode, almost thought by the title this was a spam thread LOL
I'm sry
Happy Maha Shivratri to all my friends
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