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First: what does the title stand for?
Prize: Squirtle M 4

Look at how easy this is! 

Alright gang, looks like I've got a couple projects coming up over the summer and your job is to guess what they are! This is an extremely lame contest, and for that I apologize. Currently having laptop issues so the contest I'd originally planned is being put on the backburner.

So what is this then? Well all you have to do is guess what projects I'll be working on this summer! One's a pretty big undertaking, the other is just a smaller one of sorts, plus a bunch of other tiny ones. But I'm looking for the main two. I consider them big because of I were to buy them they'll set me back a few hundred bucks, when I could probably make em for half that each...so if to you they seem small when revealed I'm sorry?

How this works:
-post up to 2 guesses per post at a time
-unlimited guesses
-I will dish out hints occasionally

Dark Charmander M 4 for the first correct guess, Magma Bulbasaur F 5 for the second

BUT if you manage to get BOTH correct in the SAME POST, a Golden Vulpix M or F 4 will find itself in your box.

NEW and improved
First person to guess correctly: Pick either G. Vulpix or D. Charmander (your choice on gender)
Second person: Whichever first doesn't want

Project 1:
Ice shanty/Ice shack (Ice shed works)
Winner: Blitz & Johnny
Prize: G. Vulpix M 4 each

Project 2:
hints: portable, all season, helps me see clearly
I'm looking for two specific words for this, possibly three, but know that only one word will not work
Underwater Camera
Winner: Misterpokemon
Prize: Dark Charmander  F 4

So that's it, get guessing! 
Build yourself a computer!

Large Canvas Painting of Your Animals
1 ) Do It Yourself

Assuming you’re building something going by the title
2) Bookshelf
Coffee table?
Define Your Inspiration

Do it yourself
Build a bed

Build a cat tree
Building a cage / play area for Ferrets.

Building a Desk.
Discover it yourself ?

A puzzle perhaps with all sorts of answers to it? Each answer gives the player different points , player with the highest points wins
Duh it's Vaporeon

Make a saddle

Ferret House!
1) Do it Yourself
2- for the guess about competition- guess your ferret (s) names’ OR guess your real name

OR the contest might be to get a Pokémon themself, or train something themself, then show it to you.

@Ayso - both incorrect, though the second one is kinda close to one of my side things. 

@Blitz - Do it yourself is correct.
I could use another book shelf but haven't got the space lol

@Johnny - Blitz beat ya

@Ayso - nopes

@Johnny - play area for ferrets will happen eventually lol, but it's not one of my biggies

@Genesis - the answers for this contrst aren't contest related if that makes sense

@Poptart - Blitz beat ya to the first. You're not supposed to guess about a competition, ypu have to like guess what "diy projects" I'm taking on. As implied by the title.

I'm a hands on person.
What am I always going on about? Might be related to my projects.
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