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Full Version: TheZanker's Missing Pokemon Puzzle Contest(Contest Closed)
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TheZanker Missing Pokemon Puzzle Contest

[Image: 250px-Jenny_anime.png]
Hello it is Officer Jenny!
There has seem to be a case of a missing Pokemon and cannot seem to figure it out. These four clues I have discovered from a dead explorer that was brought to my attention will help you determine the map and the Pokemon. The first one that can figure it out and tells me whatever it was will be rewarded with a GoldenHoundour M Level: 5.
Clue #1
Never thought getting lost would be so easy!

Clue #2
Oh man it seems like I am surrounded by something

Clue #3
I know where it is! It's.... *falls to the depths*

Clue #4
Hmm...I found the Pokemon but it resembles something that looks familiar at a certain time? I can't tell for sure though...
General Contest Rules:
1. You can ONLY discuss about the clues in this thread. Remember there is only one prize so if you want you can lead the others astray
2. If you think you have the answer please message the answer in my PM's(forums only)
3. You are not allowed to bribe or ask me for clues otherwise you will be disqualified from the contest
4. You have to guess the map and the pokemon right to get the prize

Update Log:
-Missing detail and switched #3 and #4. 
-Guessing Format
- FAQ Section

Q: What maps are you referring to?
Answer: Ones on Pokemon Voyage :)
(Credit: Poptart88)
By map, you mean the ones on pv like aimless amazon or undecided ulterior, right?
I’m thinking it’s a cave, or dark place.
(01-18-2018, 05:38 PM)Poptart88 Wrote: [ -> ]By map, you mean the ones on pv like aimless amazon or undecided ulterior, right?


I added a FAQ section to people who asked me questions for clarification
Is there a deadline?
Congrats to Thea for winning the contest! Reply with your trainer ID so I can send it your way
83223, thank you soo much!!
(01-23-2018, 10:11 PM)Thea Wrote: [ -> ]83223, thank you soo much!!