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Full Version: Emorox's Art Shop v2
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Emorox's Art Shop

Please use this format when requesting my magnificent works of art.
Otherwise provide a good description/explanation of what you want done.

Past work
Haters gonna hate.
Username and ID:tjay343, 51627
Colours(background): black with flames
Other:nice work
So do you want a burnt charmander with some orange/red/yellow flames?
nope with a background just a black background with flames... lol, burnt charmy
Oh okay, I'll start it now.
okay, about how long will it take?
Ehh, paint decided to stop responding just as I was saving it. I'll make it later tonight and PM you when I'm done.
okay, thanks, do i owe u?
It's free. However I don't say no to donations.
Id and user-46785-silverparrot
Others nope
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