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Full Version: Hiro's Banner Shoppie~
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Herro everyone. Hiromi here. >w<
I'm really a newbies here who enjoys making signatures. c:

Though I'm still not good, I wanna try more. >.<
So, I'd be glad to receive any comments/requests. c:
As I said I'm still a newbie here so, do not mind me. >~<

So, here are some of my fav works. c:

If you'd like to see more works from me visit me here. >w<

For the final, The form :

Anime/Character :
Text :
Others :

Hope you like and enjoy it. >A<
C ya. c:
PS, trust me, I'm only good with making anime banners. >~<
I like your work n.n
Nice work mind making me one
@ Canine, Thankiuu! QAQ
@ riphh, Sure, just fill up the form or tell me what character you want on your signature. ^v^
@ Kakashi, Wait what? Nu! Iz not! QAQ
Why would I create a fake one? ;A;

I can prove you if you'd like.
I was kidding.
Anime/Character :Miku from vocaloid
Text :Riko
Others :for everything else suprise me
(12-22-2014, 01:12 AM)riphh Wrote: [ -> ]Anime/Character :Miku from vocaloid
Text :Riko
Others :for everything else suprise me

Here you go.

[Image: hatsune_miku__request__by_ruki_rukia-d8ar34c.png]
I hope you like it. >~<
Nice can u give me link so i can put it in my siggy and mind if i use the sig in other sites? Of course ill give you full credit
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