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Full Version: Recoloring Pokemon
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Hello. I recolor pokemon, if you didn't know. Tongue

My recolors aren't great but they're better than nothing.

[Image: LL5xy85.png]

I will post more examples.

I will accept pokemon as a reward but it isn't necessary.

To get a recolor please fill out this form:

Reward (optional)
What program do you use to do your recolors, out of curiosity?
Just to help out, this guy hasn't logged in since August so I'll try to throw out an answer. :)
/watch as he/she logs in tomorrow/

Ahem, anyway...
They probably use GIMP (a free editing software) or Adobe Photoshop. Both are pretty commonly used. The only main difference is price point I find.
Other similar programs exist, such as Paint Tool Sai, Paint.net, Krita, Artrage, Inkscape, and the list goes on.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me, I'm familiar with a few of those programs.