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Full Version: Can't stay logged in/Logging out automatically
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I was training on my PVLIVED account and all of a sudden it jumped into my 0ldskool account.
How did it change accounts? Mid battle? After finishing? We haven't really made any changes to the RPG, though I think our host might be doing some maintenance.
I'm pretty sure it was after finishing the battle. It also did this a few days ago. Logged me off and emptied out the slots and stuff. And it looked like it logged me on into a brand new account.
So has it only happened while you were battling? Does it occur on any other pages?
(05-03-2014, 05:17 PM)Kakashi link Wrote:So has it only happened while you were battling? Does it occur on any other pages?
It also happens when I hit the "who's online" tab.
How often is it happening? I'm getting in touch with our host now.
I've actually made a small change to the way the battle page works. Although I don't think that it's related to the issue, please post here if it happens again. It would be great if you describe exactly which account you were battling when it happens, or if it's mid-battle, post-battle, on the confirmation screen, etc.
This is the second time it logged me on into a different account. It's always logging me off automatically.

Edit: aight
All right, I think I figured out the problem.

Background: I called our host to discuss a database connectivity problem, and it looks they created a custom configuration file and put it on my account, without telling me. The file didn't have a session path specified, so it was having trouble keeping users logged in.

Hopefully the issue should be fixed now. Please post here if it persists, though I don't think it should, since I've deleted that file.
Just to be safe, log out and log back in.
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