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Full Version: Emorox's Art Shop
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Emorox's Art Shop

Since other people are doing this I may as well give it a go, I am not good at this at all but I am really bored and have exhausted all other means of entertainment. I freehand everything on Paint because that is how I roll.

Please use this format when requesting my magnificent works of art.

Past work

Haters gonna hate.

[This is unstoppable44151's spot]

can I take part in ur shop,I'm good at free hand paint too :3

[Image: 291dd82.png]

[Image: 2a2nug.png]

[Image: 2yzk02d.png]

[Image: 2d8lzk0.png]
My masterpiece is clearly much better than yours.
pls gimmeh a part in de shop D:
add my name and any example to main post too pls :3
Emorox, I must acquire a masterpiece of yours.

Pokemon: Chikorita
Username and ID: Hostage/166
Colours (background): Up to you, but preferably pink
Other: <3
Sorry for the delay, I haven't really been on much.