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Full Version: Another contest Lmao
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Don’t worry it’s minimal work, just type your game ID and you’ll be entered
Golden heracross
Golden riolu
Golden zapdos
Golden moltres

1 winner will take it all, be sure to enter, ends June 9th

GoldenHeracross climibing up trees
GoldenRiolu is training a lot
GoldenZapdos flying over seas
GoldenMoltres is hot hot hot

These contests are the best
But might be over too soon
So lets get some rest
And I'll make my own this afternoon

id 100 pls
ID 3
ID #9.

Thanks bb.

Thanks :)
Random name wheel selected Zarquad

So Zarquad loses lol jk you win, I’m sending you the prizes
It looks like he Zar-won.
Wow I haven't won a contest in ages.